Who's in da house ?

samedi 19 avril 2008

[ABC] Anita Blake

I frowned at him. "Enough already. See if I ever give you another apology for anything."
"A dance would suffice," he said.
"I don't dance. You know that."
"This is the grand opening of my dance club, ma petite. You are my date. Are you truly going to deny me even one dance?" Put that way it sounded petty.
"One dance." He smiled, wicked, enticing. The smile that the serpent must have given Eve.
"I think we will dance well together, ma petite."
"I doubt it."
"I think we would do many things well together."

"Give you one dance and you want the whole package. Pushy bastard." He gave a small bow, smiling, eyes shining. - Anita, Jean-Claude

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